Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan

Looking to expand on the area’s strengths

Located in the Red Deer Valley in Saskatchewan is Hudson Bay, a town that was originally part of a fur trading post district. The area grew with the presence of the Canadian Northern Railway Company and was established as the Hudson Bay Junction village in 1909, growing to a full-fledged town in 1947. The town still maintains regular passenger train service and is a major railway junction for the area. Hudson Bay is in a good position for transportation logistics, as is it located along major highways running all four directions and maintains an airport equipped for charter service, local aircraft and water bombers. 




Land Area, km2


Median Age

Transportation and Warehousing, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting




Regina, Saskatoon


Hudson Bay’s economy is largely based on forestry, processing, eco-tourism and agriculture. The town is also home to an RCMP Detachment and other community services such as fire protection, a hospital and a local family and support centre. Community members emphasize the importance of quality of life and ‘family living’ in the area, with reasonable housing costs, superior safety and many opportunities to enjoy nature. Hudson Bay Regional Park, located two kilometers south of the town, attracts locals and tourists alike with its access to natural habitats, snowmobile trails, birding, fishing, as well as hunting big game, as Hudson Bay is known as the ‘Moose Capital of the World’.

With the vast forests surrounding Hudson Bay, mills and related forestry industry services have been the most prominent employers and contributors to the local economy since the early 1960s. However, in just over a decade, the area has transitioned from three fully operational mills to just one.

Although this resulted in job losses and a declining population, the community is still thriving culturally, has a strong base of local artists and is seeing investment through the building of a new Kindergarten through Grade 12 school to be opened in 2015. School enrollments originally declined with the closure of mills in the area, but have remaining steady in recent years.

The community faces challenges, especially in terms of aging infrastructure and promoting economic investment for much needed retail services. Recreational programs and facilities are available year round. Expansion of these services and tourism growth are promising areas of focus for Hudson Bay as they plan for the future.

Read Hudson Bay’s Community Plan (in English)

Read Hudson Bay’s Community Plan (in French)