Rural Canada is made up of a variety of diverse communities – all of which contribute to the economy, culture and well-being of our nation. From supplying lumber for construction to the food that sustains us, communities in rural Canada help shape our every day lives. Without them, Canada as a whole could not be as strong. While each rural community is unique and boasts its own set of strengths, rural Canada as a whole provides Canadians with a rich array of opportunities:

  • Deep-Rooted Heritage and Cultural Identity
    Canada’s rural communities add to our country’s diverse cultural fabric. Art, music and culture from these communities help not only shape the unique identity of each community, but the identity of the nation as a whole.
  • Wealth of Natural Resources
    Rural communities are home to a wealth of natural resources, including mining, fishing and lumber. Resource-extraction and processing industries supported by rural communities comprise more than 13% of Canada’s gross national product (GNP).
  • Urban-Rural Interdependence
    The relationship between urban centres and rural communities is a reciprocal one. Urban centres may be Canada’s engines of growth, but rural communities help fuel these engines, providing food, minerals, energy, lumber and other important resources necessary for survival. In fact, resource extraction and processing industries supported by rural communities generate more than half of all exports in Canada.
  • Travel & Tourism Destinations
    Those residing in urban centres often look to rural communities as getaway destinations from the busy city life. Beautiful beaches, hiking trails, vast provincial parks and the diverse recreational activities that rural communities provide continue to attract visitors as must-see travel destinations across Canada.
  • Preservers of the Environment
    Rural communities refresh and restore urban populations for clean, healthy communities and the well-being of citizens. They preserve our nation’s water, national parks and wildlife and maintain the picturesque landscapes in the greatest possible ways.
  • Cost of Living Advantages
    Not only does rural living provide a work-life balance, the cost of housing and land in rural communities in Canada is far more affordable – especially when compared to their urban counterparts – making them ideal locations for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Rural communities also provide urban Canadians with opportunities to improve their quality of life in ways urban areas cannot, including recreation and decreased commuting times.